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I would like the world to know that I officially hate the weather channel almost as much as I hate Wal-Mart. Except of course the Wal-Mart thing isn't really me it's more Wal-Mart. How else can you explain that they were out of lamps???

Of course the real source of all evil here in southwest Virginia is Adelphia, they over charge and don't offer service worth a damn. Basically watch out Adelphia will screw you and won't even buy you dinner first.

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So I got a little paranoid and decided to go ahead and setup SSL encryption for watchland (you can pretty much get to everything either way for now). I'm sure you'll figure it all out. You'll have to accept the certificate so there is potential for trouble the first time in, but then you should mostly be encrypted just like when you do your banking online.

These are some of the stuff hosted here:

You can now search the web (or just our wonderful local site!) with the power of Google.
Many thanks to Google for providing this service.

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